Capability Assessment

With all companies big or small, it is advisable and recommended that a detailed assessment is carried out with regards to their current business practices and industry standards.

This will enable companies to identify the gap and get focused attention from the business to move in that direction.

Strategic Approach

Once a thorough capability assessment has been done, we can pick project(s) based on the top priorities e.g.

  1. Organization and Processes

  2. Management and Control

  3. People and Culture

We can then overlay this with our existing PLM suite of products and perform a capability uplift focusing on key areas of interest.

Mapping Business Processes

Business processes are unique to every company. It is important that each firm can understand and identify their business processes for

  1. Process improvement

  2. Changing these to system requirements

  3. Identify potential challenges

  4. Audit purposes

  5. Training

  6. Best practices

  7. See the big picture

And many more…

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