Solution Architecture

Architecture is one of the key principles for providing robust and scalable solutions ensuring. We can provide a high calibre of architects who can take user requirements and user stories and convert them into system level design which can be implemented for the various businesses.

The options provided can then be discussed further with the business and various stakeholders to ensure the solution is

  1. In-line with business requirements

  2. It’s pros and cons are understood and debated

  3. A solution which can be adopted by the user

  4. Wider, enterprise systems are considered with the solutions been proposed

You can trust our architects to provide solutions which are not only thought through, but are best-in-class.

Converting business processes to system implementations

Our team of implementation consultants can convert high level design into system implementations. These implementations will ensure user stories and use cases are baked within the solution without compromising the functionality or via heavy customization.

As part of our implementations we can also provide the following services

  1. Out of the box implementations

  2. Data Migrations

  3. Integration to 3rd party applications like ERP (AX, SAP)

Please get in touch with us for your requirements for implementing a solution that is unique and specific to your business

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