• Understanding key aspects of power generation, supply and continuously up networks
  • Complexity of its products with its nuances and its integration with the construction sector
  • Challenges and issues of a niche player with aspirations of becoming a global supplier

Manufacturing & Engineering

  • Small electrical appliances like vacuums, hand dryers, hand held devices, its variants complexities and sourcing requirements
  • Intellectual property (IP) rights, issues, protecting and securing them
  • Globally distributed supply chains and raw material vendors


  • Fast paced sector with a seasonal component to its products
  • Tight margins on profits and critical
    • To get the Right Product
    • At the Right Location
    • At the Right Time
  • Sourcing, Freight, Landed Costs, Customs, Logistical and Customer behavioral challenges and opportunities


  • High volume industry with high capital costs
  • Global supply chains with local focus
  • Complicated products, material challenges, relatively long lead time, legal and compliance challenges


  • Low volume, highly complicated products, with extremely high compliance issues
  • Data export controls, governmental and legal challenges
  • Long lead time on products, tools, capability enhancements and highly robust change controls
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